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Who Wore It Better? Let’s Start With Iggy Azalea At The Grammys

Joanna Wu

Each time there is an important televised event, whether it’s The SAG Awards,The Super Bowl or The Grammys, you can expect that some celebrity will wear something or look in a certain way that will make you go: “WTF?”. That’s how the whole “Who Wore It Better?” meme started.

Iggy Azalea’s hair at the Grammys

Iggy Azalea hair Grammys 1

Twitter’s reaction to Iggy’s hair

Iggy Grammys Twitter

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Grammy funny

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift lol

Katy Perry’s flame outfit at the Super Bowl

Katy Perry flames Super Bowl funny


Rihanna Peter Griffin

Pharrell’s unforgettable hat

Pharrell's big hat

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