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16 Truly Hilarious Product Names

Michelle Clayton

The names chosen for these products are really hilarious. If you’d be able to buy one, which one would you choose?

1. Are you serious!?

Are you serious1?

2. Soap with a slight terror.

Soap with a slight terror

source: voyantes.net

3. Barf your cloths.

Barf your cloths

source: adweek.com

4. Yummy! hmm… or not.

Yummy! hmm... or not

source: wordpress.com

5. Past my love.

Pasta my love

source: pinterest.com

6. It sounds tasty!

Is it tasty?

source: ghananation.com

7. This one sounds nasty.

This one sounds nasty.

source: flickr.com

8. What smoke!?

Butt Buddy. Not for me.

source: funnyjunk.com

9. Squeeze the wiener!

Squeeze the wiener!

10. They don’t seem to fit together, or do they?

They don't seem to fit together, or do they?

11. Time to chew some balls!

It's time to chew some balls!

source: flickr.com

12. Really creamy.

Really creamy

source: blogspot.com

13. Get knockt up!

Get knockt up!

14. Hot urinal drink. Need I say more?

Hot urinal drink. Need I say more?

15. No way I’m (not) drinking this.

No way I'm drinking this.

source: flickr.com

16. Is this real?

Is this real?

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