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This Is What Happens When You’re Not Careful With Your Phone

Tanya Burrett

People drop their phone on the floor all the time. But some, get more creative and take it to next level:

1. Time for a swim

girl getting her phone from the bottom of the lake

Source: twitter.com

2. This phone lived a full life

man finds his phone 2 years later

Source: twitter.com

3. Fishing gets a whole different meaning

girl fishing her phone from the toilet

Source: twitter.com

4. iPhone bolognese

girl drops her phone in her food

Source: twitter.com

5. This iPhone cake looks delicious

Girl baked her phone inside a cake

Source: twitter.com

6. Troll phone

girl looking for her phone under a bridge

Source: twitter.com

7. Could have been worse. I’m not sure how, but it could have been worse

girl dropped her phone down the sewer

Source: twitter.com

8. I wonder what did this phone do to get behind bars

phone dropped down the grate

Source: twitter.com

9. iPhone curry

phone covered in sauce

Source: 9gag.com

10. That phone just wanted to jump overboard

woman throws her phone away by accident

Source: thehits.co.nz

11. Time for a swim. The sequel

girl dropped her phone in the pool

Source: twitter.com

12. That’s not so bad. I dropped my phone in the trash at least 7 times. After a while it gets easier

Girl fishes her phone from the trash

Source: twitter.com

13. I’ve never met Miguel, but I like him already

girl dropping her phone in the sewer

Source: twitter.com

14. Sometimes it’s not worth it

girl got stuck in the drain

Source: twitter.com

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