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17 Funny Cakes In Case You Have A Birthday Coming Up

Joanna Wu

Some people like to have fun when it comes to cakes.

1. Congratulations!?

I beat teen pregnancy birthday cake

2. Parents can be funny sometimes

I'm glad you were the strongest sperm birthday cake

3. Breaking Bad birthday cake

Breaking Bad cake

4. Never ask for a “surprise” cake

Dog taking a dump cake

5. When you want a Barbie cake

Drunk Barbie cake

6. Autocorrect strikes again

Homophobic cake

7. The girl’s name is Ana. That’s one unfortunate exclamation point

Unfortunate exclamation point

8. A cake from Michael Scott from The Office

Turban cake

9. From a big fan

U suck cake

10. Forever 21

Ken cake

11. Catmasutra

69 cake

12. iMessage cake

iMessage cake

13. Doge cake

Doge cake

14. Pedobear cake

Too old

15. That’s true

Nobody likes you when you're 23

16. Wasted Barbie cake

Drunk Barbie cake

17. That’s OK, dad

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