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14 Times Jon Stewart Was At His Best On “The Daily Show”

Joanna Wu

As I started reading the news websites this morning I came across a headline that said “Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show”. For a second, I thought I did not read that right.

Jon Stewart surprised

So I read it again. And again. Just to be sure. “This can’t be happening! But who will…?” was my immediate reaction. Then frustration and mild anger.

Jon Stewart angry

But as acceptance settled in, I realised that after 17 years on the job, Jon totally deserves a vacation and it’s probably time for him to get involved in a new project. In the meantime, here is a list of his best moments on “The Daily Show”

1. Interview with President Obama

2. Race/Off

3. The Curious Case of Flight 370

4. Indecision 2004

5. Glenn Beck

6. Prince Charles Scandal

Prince Charles Scandal

7. Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez The Daily Show

8. We Can’t Breathe

9. Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer The Daily Show

10. Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly The Daily Show

11. Burn Noticed

12. Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview

13. Kevin Hart interview

14. Admiral General Aladeen

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